Bel Canto Reeds
- premium quality hand-made bassoon reeds -
Our Philosophy...

As musicians, we are all primarily interested in making music - not spending valuable time
worrying about and scraping on bassoon reeds. If you have embarked on the road to
making your own bassoon reeds you know that the process is an art form, not simply a
craft that can easily be taught. As musicians, educators,and advocates for this instrument
(we have to be - seven members of our family play the bassoon - so far)  we have long been
concerned with the quality of commercially available bassoon reeds. That's why we have
gone into business. We believe (with over 50 years of experience between the two of us)
that we have developed the expertise to design and produce a reed that will help bassoonist
to reach their full playing potential by allowing them to concentrate on what got into the
business to do - make music!
We also believe bassoonists need encouragement - that is why even though we spend a good
deal of time on each reed - we want to keep the price as low as we can. For $17.99 for a
regular reed we don't think you will find a better value anywhere!
What our customers are saying...

"I just got a chance to play on the reeds that I ordered from you.  They are a dream! I was
literally shocked at how easy it was to produce a gorgeous tone.  Thank you!
A Past and Future customer"    JH

                      “I  continue to order them because they are great!  :)”

“very nice reeds, shipped quickly, thanks”
                                              “Excellent reeds and service. Thanks”

"I could practice with my other reeds, but why bother? "

   “Superior quality reeds… I will order again!”
Contact Us:
(we don't maintain a phone line, but will respond to
your email - usually within hours)
Dear Customers,
  We'd like to let you
know, amidst the
current health crisis,
that all of our reeds
are sanitized in
Chlorhexidine - a
disinfectant used in
hospitals that kills both
bacteria and viruses.
We are confident that
this will mitigate any
issues with the Corona
Virus. We hope that
you will continue to
have confidence in us
and that we will do
everything in our
power to send you
great playing, safe